Unreliable telemetry connection via Holybro v3 915mhz

I’m struggling with reliable telemetry connections via the Holybro v3 915mhz radio and QGroundControl. Very rarely do I get a good connection to my Pixhawk on the first try. It constantly errors out trying to upload missions and the same with clearing missions and other oddities. I’ve tried relocating the radio to see if it’s interference either from the laptop side or rover side. Maybe my expectations are high or maybe this particular brand radio isn’t very good? Is there settings or adjustments I could look into that may improve this?

Hello, Enginerd.

Although I don’t use the same telemetry brand as you, I understand your frustration. For me, I was having difficult telemetry issues because I was not feeding the module enough current on my rover. Hence, it’s not always a location problem. I hope this helps.

Best of luck!

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I haven’t thought to check the current load to the telemetry radio. I’ll poke around and see if that might be it . Thanks for the idea

How are you powering your telemetry module?

Allthough not having tested it in great detail, I own a set of holybro 915Mhz myself and had great connectivity from the beginning.
So I wouldn’t say that it’s a brand problem.
I simply hooked them up to the telemetry port.

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On the Pixhawk side the transmitter is drawing power from the Pixhawk board. On the receiver side it’s getting power from my laptop. So far I’ve had a very flaky experience with the telemetry radios . As dumb as it may sound is there some sort of secret configuration for power that I don’t know about when it comes to these radios, meaning is the board not providing enough current to the radios to be reliable? Yesterday during some testing I was getting dropouts starting a 50 yards and I constantly have connection issues where it takes forever for the ground station to establish a complete connection with the Pixhawk and often fails at the end and says it never received a final ack

is it stable without the motor running? move the boat a distance away on land and see if it cuts out, if it doesnt then try the motor and see if the telemetry drops out.