Unreachable parameters

I’m using the latest version of MP, and the latest version of PixHawk FW on a “standard” PixHawk (not PixHawk2). I’m flying a quad multirotor.

When I use MP, it tells me that the SERVO X outputs have options 0-80, yet the documentation on the net says that the options range from 0 to 88.

Also, I want to change the MOT_BOOST_SCALE . This option doesn’t show up in the parameter list at all.

Do these options not appear because my HW or FW doesn’t support them?
If these options are supported, how can I get them to correctly appear in MP? If I can’t get them to display, how do I adjust the “hidden” parameters, such as MOT_BOOST_SCALE ?

Please post your version information.
I suspect you are not using the latest FW.

I was informed that the features that I mentioned are only available in the 3.6 beta version of FW. Apparently, some of the features mentioned in the docs on the website aren’t available in the released (3.5.5) version.
I installed the 3.6 beta and the MOT_SCALE… parameter is there. One thing to note - there are some new functions in the SERVOx area. Options 0-80 are listed, but the docs on the web show 0-88. Just something to note for the next version of MP so it doesn’t get forgotten.

Thanks for responding!