Unmanned Ground Vehicle

I am done with building Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, I have successfully built Tarot 680 pro, also did all stuffs like operating servo,relay,flower dropping and spraying.

Only problem with UAV is we cant use it extensively for spray in my farm, it hardly pick up 5litre and battery last max 20mins.

So I am planning to build spraying robot, which will follow way points as we do in mission planner.

Is there any detailed document,video to build UGV from scratch.

Something like

There are so many different ways to build a rover, it will be impossible to cover it all in a single video.
You should make a plan, starting with general information, like:

  1. Dimensions of the rover:
    How much space does the rover have between plants etc.

  2. Payload:
    The more the rover has to carry, the stronger the chassis has to be.

  3. The surface the rover is driving on:
    Hard or soft, does it change with weather, inclines, bumpy or smooth.

  4. Does the rover have to be water/dustproof.

  5. What tools do you have to build the rover

If you collect all this information, you have a basic idea of the rover. The points are not independent to one another. Since the payload is most likely water based, its amount influences the dimensions of the rover. A heavier rover does need wider or more wheels to drive on a soft/muddy surface. More wheels/motors/ESCs make the rover more expensive and/or harder to build. If you use premade components like wheelchair or hub motors, you do not have to worry about building a reliable drivetrain, only about a chassis to fix them to.
I would use skid (tank) steering for the rover and no suspension. Skid steering with 4 wheels or more puts a lot of stress on the chassis and might dig up the ground. A rover with two drive wheels and one or two free rotating castor wheels is easy to build and steer. It has limited traction though.


tons of thanks for detailed reply, keep my requirement aside for a bit, I could not find video of small rover like. If we see small one then its easy to upgrade or make bigger from it.

hey count74 I am desgin a UGV for AUVSI SUAS and I wanted to know that how can i let know my ugv that it has landed on the ground and have to self arm and start the mission ??
Please reply as soon as possible


from what you write, I guess you want to airlift an UGV with an UAV of some sort.
I have only done something like this manually, flying one of my copters with a small RC car attached to it. Landing the copter, releasing the car and driving it around was done by the pilot(s). Getting the car in the right position to lift it again was really difficult.
If I would want to do it autonomously, I would get the “start” signal from the carrier UAV, since Ardurover knows nothing about flying/landing. Without further research, I would use a lua script on the UAV to communicate the “touchdown” event to the UGV. Communicate can be a number of things:

The touchdown event triggers the release of the UGV, the release triggers an electrical switch/connection and the UGV detects the open connection, arms itself and starts the mission.

If the UAV acts as a telemetry relay to the UGV, you could use the telemetry connection to tell the UGV, that it is on the ground.

As a variant of point 1, you could carry the UGV powered down and the release from the UAV triggers a relay, powering up the UGV. This way you get a fresh start. The UGV does not get moved around by the UAV in a powered state, which might upset the EKF.

This is just off the top of my head. No guarantees any of this is feasible.

Hey there thanks for the tips
Now, I am working on a gimbal for Cannon M200 so can you suggest me which STorM32 and which motors have to be used .

As for the motors i have seen two motors they are GB36-1 and GB54-1

I have no experience regarding brushless gimbals. I can be of no help there.