Unmanned boat with Ardupilot and missionplanner

The unmanned ship development kit is suitable for unmanned ship development platforms with automatic cruise and a complete ground station sysem.The main hardware includes: one set of PIXHAWK control panel, one set of telemetry data transmission, one set of differ! ential steering hull, one set of power and detection system, and one set of GPS navigation equipment.We provide a complete development environment and development routines, can quickly help you build a set of unmanned ship control system.And can provide a complete upper computer ground station and lower computer control software.The client will get twice the result with half the effort by using our Demo routine to start the development work, so as to focus more on the development of algorithm and make the research and development more efficient.

Note: PIXHAWK control system is the most widely used open source platform in the field of uav at present, including complete control, data transmission and algorithm simulation development.In unmanned ships, unmanned vehicles, unmanned submarines and other aspects of the same development advantages.

Ii. Product attributes


Name: development platform of automatic cruise unmanned ship

Size: 620 * 263 * 180 mm

Net weight: 2.7 KG

Weight: 2 kg

No load speed: 1.2m/s

Control system: PIXHAWK2.4.8/PIXAMOV (optional)

Drive assembly: dual 1280 motor, built - in twin propellers

Battery life: 3000MHA/12V lithium battery, battery life of 2h+

Iii. Function introduction

The unmanned ship development and test platform can complete the following functions:

  1. Manual remote control, the remote control distance is 500M to 2km, depending on the remote control

  2. PC terminal ground station can display the position, attitude and basic parameter data of the unmanned ship in real time

  3. The pc-side ground station can plan the path in real time, and the unmanned ship can automatically complete the point operation and realize automatic cruise

  4. Support one-key return and automatically return to the starting position

  5. Multi-channel control IO, suitable for more external actuators

  6. Remote image transmission can be added to observe images in real time at the ground station, with the transmission distance ranging from 500 meters to 40 kilometers

  7. It can be upgraded to external onboard computer control, and external onboard computer control unmanned ship operation.

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Great to see a ready-to-use ArduPilot boat!

I guess this boat is for sale somewhere? If you get an easy-to-use webstore up then I’m happy to add it to our RTF vehicles page.

By the way, we always appreciate the words “ArduPilot” appearing on products for sale. “Pixhawk” is OK but that’s just the hardware. The software part, ArduPilot, is very important as well.

Hi, rmackay. Thanks very much. To be honest we are now preparing our webstore, when it’s ready, I will send you the info.
Beyond that, we will add more “ardupilot” in our article titles. ArduPilot plays very important role in our lab, and indeed we will pay more attention to ardupilot. Thanks for your advice.

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