Unknown event 62

Copter 3.5.5 (and earlier too)
Quad X
I sometimes see in logs “Unknown Event: 62” and cant find the meaning, nor any ill effects.
In this case it is close to a yaw alignment message, not sure if that’s significant.

  • MSG, 201533832, EKF2 IMU0 in-flight yaw alignment complete
  • EV, 201534569, 62

I couldn’t find the list of errors and events, wondering if someone can point me to the correct location, and maybe explain what 62 is.


I think the error codes are ;

look down in the list, to line 391 but I am no expert on what exactly they all mean or are triggered.

Thanks Joe,
so I think Unknown event 62 can safely be ignored and is in fact related to in-flight yaw alignment.

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