Unintended yaw direction change during Auto Takeoff

Dear all,

during auto takeoff I suffer from unintended yaw direction changes which leads sometimes leaving the runway. I even added a second external compass because I was suspecting issues due to location of the first close to servos.
How can I find out what causes this behaviour?
Attached please find a log with three takeoffs:
Yaw Problem during Autotakeoff

Thanks in advance!
BR Guido

I thought I was having this issue also, but it was my prop. my Volantex Ranger EX is a pusher plane and it came with a tractor prop. It made it pull to the right at full throttle. With a tractor prop it holds a nice straight heading on takeoff.

Good point, but ground steering controller should handle that. And it’s an old style plane from the early 70‘s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Direction is also random, so motor torque should be a minor topic

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