Unhealthy gps next to Herelink

Has anyone found interference between Herelink and gnss? They’re not the same frequencies, but with the Herelink antennas in their current location I get continuous unhealthy gps even with 28 sats and an hdop of .6. BTW, I’m using a Holybro Unicore for gps yaw. The Holybro’s with F9P’s have always been great for gps yaw. But all my copters either use standard F9P’ or can versions.

Hi Shaun, is it possible to switch Herelink completly or only the Herelink transmitter on/off maybe by an RC-channel.
If yes you can directly check the inluence.
Any HF-Transmission can have influence not only on the GPS-receiver also on the wiring.
But if the GPS-receiver gets high input signals including noise it reduces it RX-gain

I kinda did that by disconnecting the main Herelink antennas and installing some antennas with shorter leads in the Pelican case. That got rid of the unhealthy gps. But the reason the antennas are up there is to help mitigate fresnel interference. With the antennas mounted lower, my range drops dramatically.

I am not sure about the number and function of all your antennas shown on the picture.
You can try to put the GPS Antenna on top of a central antenna mast structure above of the herelink antennas. I am not sure what antenna typ your GPS is using. Most cheap systems using a flat antenna on a ceramic base. These are antennas are moreless looking upwards to the sky. So if this is above the other system it might reduce the influence a little.

The holybro unicore uses two helical antennas for moving base line. I was thinking actually lowering the gnss antennas further below the two Herelink antennas as they’re dipoles. The radiation pattern below a dipole should result in less power hitting the helical antennas. See how that goes lol!

It works, flashing green. And even though the helical’s stick out a bit more, it all still folds up pretty compact.

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