Unhealthy GPS after GPS_RAW_DATA set to 1

Hello everyone!
Whenever I am setting GPS_RAW_DATA to 1, my GPS becomes unhealthy. I am using F9P GPS at baud rate of 115200. This is custom made module and using UART2 to communicate with FC.
What things has to be changed to log raw data of GPS?
I want to have a look at CNO and locks after flight.
Can someone please help me in this please!

Post a flight log with the RAW option set, and one without please.

Here are the logs
GPS raw data enabled

GPS raw data disabled

Can you try setting the baud rate to 230400?

I tried to log data with 230400 baud rate, it was logging gps raw data when I checked on my bench with log_disarmed=1, but when I moved to field and changed log_disarm=3 and flew a mission it didnot log.
Here are the logs
Bench Test

On field