Unhealthy AHRS on GSF operation

Hi everyone.

I have a CUAV V5+/NEO 3 Pro GPS on my plane.
I want to use YAW source with GSF instead of compass, but “Unhealth AHRS” is displayed and Heading is not displayed correctly.

I followed Compass less operation in Mission planner.

Anyone know a solution?

What GPS are you using?

A log might be helpful.

Thank you.

I use NEO 3 Pro GPS by CUAV.

Takumi Kitajima

Screenshots don’t help. .bin logs do.

If you haven’t taken off, the GPS won’t have any valid velocity data, and there is no way for the GSF to estimate heading.

Thank you Yuri_Rage

If the aircraft did not take off, the “Unhealth AHRS” will keep display and GSF can not calculate YAW?

Takumi Kitajima

True. How would it know?