Unexplained Mission behaviour..possible bug

I tried this simple mission in my cul-de-sac…


stops halfway to Waypoint 2

looking at logs dist to WP still 45 feet when it switches from AUTO to LOITER…loooking at RC input (ch5) for mode…it DOES NOT CHANGE from AUTO… why does the autopilot think the waypoint is reached with so much distance left (WP_RADIUS is 6)?

if I add a loiter time command after waypoint 2 it will make it to 2 but then immediately backtrack to that point its stopping at before!!!..

I have cleared the EEPROM by loading plane and then reloading copter and resetting my params…

btw, I had been playing with setting an ROI between those waypoints(which did not work) at the location this anomaly occurs…should I list this as a bug or is there an explanation that I a missing?

ok, so what’s happening is that all the waypoints are being treated as “fast waypoints” which means that the vehicle thinks it’s “completed” the waypoint when the intermediate point that it’s chasing has reached the waypoint…not when the copter itself has gotten within the defined radius of the waypoint.

This is mentioned at the bottom of the AUTO flight mode wiki page: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/auto-mode/

I agree that it’s not ideal, if it’s the last waypoint then the copter should treat it as if it’s a regular waypoint (i.e. not a “fast waypoint”).

Anyway, one solution is to add a 1second delay to each waypoint. you shoudl see in the mission planner that it has a “Dela” column. Put “1” in there and I think you’ll find the copter does what you expected.

Normally I end my missions with an RTL at the end.