Unexpected Rudder Movement


I’m new to ArduPlane and have read through much of the documentation but there’s a lot to take in. :slight_smile:

I have a few questions, but the first one is that when I am in FBWA mode and stationary the rudder starts moving. I wonder if it’s some interference. I tried to upload an mp4 file of it but wasn’t able to. I’ll upload a photo of the configuration in the meantime.

I’m using:
Firmware: ArduPlane V3.0.2 (c1aa2181)
Software: APM Planner 2.0 (on OS X)
Aircraft: Parkzone Radian (engine, rudder and elevator only)
ArduPilot: 2.6
3DR - GPS + Mag
3DR Telemetry kit on 433MHz

I’m also pretty sure that my rudder isn’t turning when I go to Circle mode.

I have the rudder mix value set to 0.25 which assists with levelling a bank when testing in stabilize mode. Is there a way to test the compass on the ground?

Thanks for any help.

I’ve narrowed it down to being something to do with the APM. I cleared the APM to default settings and reset it. Then I swapped the elevator and rudder servos and now the elevator jitters about.

Could I have broken the APM somehow?

Here is the output to both servos. I think the solid purple parts are what I’m seeing.