Unexpected Land in AUTO MODE


Last week I have some issues during AUTO Mission (FW 3.4.3), the copter stops at the middle of the mission and land (Apparently without change Flight Mode).

Reading the documentation, I found an issue with FrSky Receivers + FW 3.4.1, but I don’t think this situation is the reason of this unexpected land.

During 4 days I checked every param in the Log file, everything looks fine to me, so I decide to ask for some help.

Here is the files:

My config is 3DR Pixhawk, FW 3.4.3, X8R + Taranis X9D, Quad X

Thank you in advance,

I’ve had that happen even with 3.3. I have a Taranis with telemetry so I heard the error it said EKF variance and went into land mode. I was sure glad it wasn’t out of sight. Anyway… it will do that I think if it see’s something so wrong it decides to land. FYI the files you posted were not working so no way to check your log. I would say make sure you wait a 2 minutes or so and have at least 10 satellites.

Thanks for reply Richard, sorry for the broken links it was fixed now.

So about the EKF, I can’t notice any EKF errors in my log files, as I said all the parameters/sensors is perfectly normal… Pretty weird behavior

Sorry I didn’t reply until now… Yea you would sure think you would see any errors in the log file so it’s puzzling. Doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence if you can’t figure out what went wrong I hate that! Is there any chance it reached a WP that was accidentally set to ‘land’?

This puzzling is killing me LoL! I checked the mission twice, theres no waypoint set to land. Now im working to eliminate EMI from the main body, its my guess for explain this behavior

Hello Alexandre, did you manage to resolve this issue? it seems to me that there was no “landing”, he must be in trouble to maintain the flight altitude, in Stabilized mode there is no automation to fix the height, so when switching to AUTO he starts to use the GPS and Barometer information, which they must be wrong, making the drone go up or down, so yours went down.

Hope this helps.