Unexpected flips in LOITER mode


today I was flying in LOITER mode and after two successful flights, my drone crashed during the third flight due to two consecutive flips around the ROLL axis. In the test field these flips seemed as if they were commanded, the drone was even able to stabilize itself for two seconds between the two flips.

Nevertheless the flips were not commanded since I was in LOITER mode.

I am flying a Tarot X4 with a Pixhawk autopilot running Copter 3.4.4 (last stable release). Hereafter you’ll find attached the log of this third flight where the two flips happened. Any help is appreciated!

38.BIN (374.9 KB)

Nacho Carnicero.

It’s looks like a mechanical failure; motor, esc or prop perhaps

Thanks for the answer. Yes it could be, although this morning I have tried all the motors and ESCs and there does not seem to be any problem. Could be an ESC problem though, I have read some posts where an ESC would be the reason for a crash but later in bench tests perform well. Do you know any way to make sure an ESC is healthy?