Unexpected Error while compass calibration

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Unexpected Error while compass calibration.


APM:Copter V3.5.0-rc2 Quad


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[ ] AntennaTracker
[X] Copter
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[ ] Rover

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You say your hardware is APM.
This is the 8 bit processor and the last version of firmware compatible with it is 3.2.1
Version 3.5 will NOT run on the APM

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Thanks for answer. I did not know how to determine which version of firmware is exactly running on my controller but when i choose beta version firmware in the Mission Planner Initial Setup menu the process is going straight from beginning to end. With downloading, cheking HEX & Uploading firmware. Is it OK? In the previous firmware menu i can also choose versions of AC (does it mean Ardu Copter?) higher then 3.2.1. I am frustrated. Can you help me with that meanings?
P.S. Sorry for poor English.

I stand corrected.
Taking a closer look at your screen shot it shows AC (yes, ArduCopter) 3.2 (written at the top of the window)
Select the version 3.2.1 or, just upload stable version and Mission Planner will see the board and load 3.2.1 even though the version on screen says 3.4.6
Also make sure you are using the latest version of Mission Planner.
If it still gives you problems go to Help/Beta version

did you also select correct board type with the green buttons at top of compass screen before attempting calibration

Sure. I choose correct type. APM 2.5 and above with external compass.

Sorry for late reply. Problem has solved. I did not remember what steps i had made to solve this problem. For sure i was updated mission planner to the latest version (fom 1.3.44 to 1.3.45). Also there was a dialog box which suggested me to update firmware to the latest one. That’s all i remember. By the way i had decline updating firmware but the process still going on. That’s not good. Thanks.

Did anyone meet this situation, that the compass calibration have not wite dots on the screen. I dont know why, but the apm2.8 board can search satellites and the blue light is continue bright.

It seems like you removed the compass jumper next to the GPS port, you need to set it to the highest position (if you look at the board from the top with the compass cable at the bottom) or to the left position if you look at the photo attached