Unexpected Altitude climb during RTL


Recently observed an unexpected altitude climb in RTL Mode. My Rtl_alt was set to 60m. Did around 4 flights, in all flights it climbed to an altitude of 150, 120, 200…etc. Even my fence altitude was set to 150m, still it climbed to 200m. That’s wired!

Attaching the logs link below. Please let me know the root cause behind this.

logs link:

Any findings! or still need more information? please do let me know.

There’s some clipping but it doesn’t exactly coincide with the altitude climb, and vibrations look reasonable.
You seem to be using an odd firmware version, Org:Copter V4.0.3.3_rc3 , and whatever RTLE.Dest is, it closely matches the Altitude. There’s a whole bunch of parameters I wasn’t expecting to see.

Maybe the FC thinks it is maintaining a constant height above terrain? See CTUN.Talt in logs - it’s very constant until descent.
As a test set TERRAIN_ENABLE and TERRAIN_FOLLOW to 0 and see how it performs.
Are you able to use the normal stable release, 4.0.7 at this time?