Unexpected altitude climb(at full throttle), with throttle down

Hi everyone, I’m new to this hobby. And I need your help!
And sorry for my bad english! :sweat_smile:

I built a 450mm drone, with fpv and gimbal. And in first flight with full setup, the drone started to going up(rapidly) without any command in the transmitter, and was completely unstable (on pitch and roll), i tryed to fly in loiter mode and switch to RTL after lose visual(and being scared), but no changes, the drone only stops after crash in top of some trees.

After his crash, my power module stopped to measure battery voltage, only supplies the Pixhawk. The log appears to be corrupted(suddently stopped logging).

I analyzed really much times the log, but i’m not found the problem.

  • The Z vibration according the documentation cause this issue, but the values are only really bad after accelerating. Before start to gain altitude looks be a normal values, or not?

  • I’m suspecting of power module due to bad readings of voltages and, the autoanalysis reports “slow lines”, but no has have any part of documentation referering to this issue.

Version: APM Copter V3.5.3
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1odSWVz8zDRJlnOYYCeaOrVw9XuJx5VBr/view (log)
https://drive.google.com/file/d/10WANbHctHis_TgM3v8_MGLf_BLspjH-k/view (bin)

Appreciate your help :smiley:

From what I see, something got loose onboard, caused a heavy vibrations. The uncontrolled altitude gain is the result.
The power module is indeed have some glitches, since vcc were never more than 5V (it should be 5.2.-5.3)

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I will change the power module, props and check the drone. What solves this vibrations issues?

For new testings, if it happen again. Change to stabilize mode stops altitude climb? What as secure way to test drone?

Always have you motor emergency stop switch configured and be ready to use.
Although switching to stabilize could be also a way to get back at least partial control.

At first, get some gloves and safety glasses, then hold your copter steadily in your hand and give it a throttle in stabilize mode. Check vibe and clipping, if there are continuous clippings on any direction then do not fly.