Undocumented feature questions for tilt rotor

I have done some extensive reading through the forums and git hub issues and merges.
One feature I find important to my build was discussed but I couldn’t figure out if it ever made it into master.

For, continuous rotation, tilt-rotors and tilt-wings it would be great if they tilted the motors forward and backwards when hovering instead of trying to fly like a standard multi-copter. I wanted to know if this ever made it into master and if so are there any special configurations needed to get it working.

Second for active weather vanning and position hold with forward motor. Do tilt-rotors tilt the motors for forward motor hold. If the above is integrated they would do so anyways so long as they are weather vanning but if it isnt then it would need to be a separate feature.

For the active weathervaning/position hold, @tridge made a commit for it a while back, but it never got merged into master.

Note that this only applies to situations that reference Q_VFWD_GAIN, meaning Q_Loiter and Auto flight. No code currently exists to have the tilt motors control forward movement in manually controlled modes.

Thanks for the input, I may have to simply do it myself then