Underwater sonar configuration

Hello word!
My name is Alberto (Revu) and I have problems with underwater sonar.

Pixhawk 2.4.8
Transmitter: FST6
Telemetry 433mH

I got Kogger 2D sonar base from here:
SONAR 2D-BASE – Kogger
I set params like this:
KOGGER Underwater Sonar — Copter documentation (ardupilot.org)
And I get 0,37 cm …0,40cm…0,30cm… in a bathtub at home (Sweet water)

Well…When I have tested at a depth of 2 meters, the sensor keeps reading 0.47 … 0.37 … and I don’t know what else to try!

  • First of all, I have problem here.

SERIAL2_PROTOCOL = 9 (lidar)
When… Ardurover 4.0 9 es RANGEFINDER.
What type I need to set ?

On my project, I want to graph the seaside from a small port.
I will be very grateful for all the help you can give me.
Best regards,

Probably 9. LiDAR and Rangefinder do provide the same kind of information.

In agreement. I have done tests, but I have a thousand doubts.
How do I modify the sensor Hz to measure meters?

I only need to plug and play like this?

I read “configuring the echosounder” I need it?
The module should be configured before it is connected to the ArduPilot.


yes, you need it. You need to configure it before connecting to ArduRover. And you probably need to use the ArduRover 4.1.0-dev version.

Well, I have control and monitoring from Tablet. Tomorrow I will test on Pixhawk (NMEA) mode.


Now We have some problems.

First, when I activate Telemetry Pixhawk said “Error 0x800”. Without telemetry works fine.

Another problem was sonarrange mark 0.0 today. No 0.3…0.27… nothing.
I dont know what more test and change. :frowning:

You must have changed something. Think hard what it might have been, and revert it.

Well… now ArduPilot Rover 4.0 with MissionPlanner is working perfect. Motor, servo, GPS signal, its ok.
But now I have a problem with underwater sonar. Still marking 0.0 rangemeters…
serial2_protocol is perfectly setted… i dont know !

Finally, It was a bad connection!!


I got depth. Now I need to know what parameters modified on my underwater sonar:

I got it !! Now I have depth on meters and nice survey !!


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How did you solve the problem on pixhawk?
I met the same problem. I have finish configuration on kogger api and pixhawk. However, i got no data on pixhawk