Understanding the Actions Tab in the Live Flight Data Screen

I am looking for a better understanding of the funtions or instructions that are available in the Actions tab of the Live Flight Data Screen.

  1. There are 4 drop-down action boxs. Do I need to make specific selections in each of the boxs prior to takeoff (multicopter)? If so how can i find documentation related to each of these selections that can be made?

  2. What does the “change speed”, “change altitude” data/option box mean (that is located just to the right of these 4 various selection boxes)? How are these settings used?

Okay … well maybe my question is not clear enough.
Let me try this again.

There are 4 DropDown or Selection boxes in the Actions TAB on the Mission Planner LIVE FLIGHT DATA Screen.

  1. What are each of those boxes used for?

  2. Is there information available for this TAB located somewhere deeply hidden in documentation or discussions that I have been unable to locate? If so … does anyone know where to find this information?

each dropdown does the function/sub function of the button next to it.

  1. do an action
  2. set a wp number
  3. set a flight mode
  4. set the mount mode


Thank you much.