Understanding Telemetry

I am new to the RC/mission planner/ardupilot world, and I am seeking guidance for my master’s thesis work. Currently, I am using a Cube Purple for data collection on an aircraft. My goal is to obtain live airspeed readings through mission planner using a telemetry module. After some research, I am considering the RFD900x for this purpose. However, I am unsure about the setup and whether I need to use two modems to achieve my objective.

Will I hook up the Half wave dipole antennas to a RFD900x modem plugged into my computer and the other 900x modem installed with the quarter wave dipole antennas in my vehicle, or can I get away with a single RFD900x modem and a less expensive antenna plugged into my computer. And if that will work, can I get recommendations on the antenna set up to use with my computer.

You need both radios.

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