Understanding RCOU and Max Speed

Hello ,

i have t-motor M501 300kv motors which in their specs write max 5000 rpm.

  1. In the RCOU i see max value of 1600, is there a way i can make that number correspond to the specific motor min-max rpm ?

  2. Can i see from the logs the presentence of the motor throttle? e.g. was the 1600rpm with full throttle ?

  3. from the GPS.speed i see max speed 6m/s , is that the way to see the ground speed?

  4. Are there any settings to tweak to make the copter faster? the only parameters i see for setting speed is for WayPoints

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RCout is not RPM it’s the commanded PWM to the ESC. ESC Telemetry or Bi-directional Dshot will provide RPM when configured properly.



There are several parameters that control speed starting with ANGLE_MAX.

Thank you for your reply Dave,

ill read on input shaping parameters.