Understanding logfile following a crash

I had my hex drop from about 2 meters.
I have been studying the log from this flight to try to understand what caused the crash. Here is the log https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BzgN37_hrX0yaTdjdnp0ZFUxZHc
"Baralt" shows power off at 1.5 meters above launch which agrees with what I saw. “Vcc” and “Throttle” show spikes up just before crash. Throttle spiked up to about 1000 and I’m not quite sure how to interpret that?
Did I simply loose power through a bad electrical connection - it was hard to tell from post flight inspection due to damage - or did something cause a power surge resulting in a brownout just prior to the crash?
Looking further at vibrations, the log recorded the impact so there was power to the Pixhawk at that time but the current dropped a second before. So why was power lost to the motors but not the Pixhawk?
I have just received a replacement Pixhawk but would like to understand what happened before just plugging in the new Pixhawk.

I can see that just after 66 the current went very low and the Pixhawk counter by raising the throttle to max and the output to the motors followed. This indicates that there’s a problem with your power module going to the ESC’s. There most be a bad solder joint that when it gets hot opens causing a loss of power to the ESC’s. This is not a Pixhawk issue. The Pixhawk is powered separately by a BEC just after the battery.


Thanks Mike. That tells me what to look for. And since I believe I saw a power loss to all motors then it will be a solder joint before power is distributed to individual ESCs. Can I confirm this from the data?
My comment re replacing the Pixhawk relates to a further problem I had following the crash where the compass was not powering up 3DR uBlox not powering up I believe now that it is a separate issue.
You have to like the fualt finding ability all this data gives!