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(Luiz Felippe Ozorio) #1

Hi all,

I came here today to share a project I am currently working on, and also to ask for some inputs on the name of such project.

The Goal is to create a YouTube channel to make Robotics more accessible and help people who are interested in such to develop a passion. The plan I have is to start with something simple that can be very entertaining and captivating and gradually dig into more involved topics. So I would start with High-Level (companion computer) programming of flying Drones using Python and Dronekit. And from there go into other topics such as SITL, introduce Deep Learning in Python to use with Dronekit, flight board hacking with a little electronics, how to use ROS with Ardupilot, and how to start using ROS and Gazebo for other Robot types.

So here’s my dilemma, I initially wanted to name the channel Drone Brains, as to me drones are more than quadcopters. But it seems that in general the word Drone is having a bad connotation (am I wrong?), and also it might not be clear to some people that Drones in the context of My Youtube channel would be more than the flying things a lot of people might be annoyed by.

So I would like to hear from you guys, that know about this topic and might have felt the prejudice your opinions. Is Drone Brains the way to go? Should I make a more robotic-general name? Will the word drone help or hurt the cause? (ps I will be dealing with Quads too, especially in the beginning)

(George Zogopoulos Papaliakos) #2

Hello Luiz,

I don’t use the word “drone”, yet I don’t jump out to correct people who use it anymore. I feel that it is a very random term without any inherent connotation, that public and media can assign any meaning to it, much like a placeholder.

Instead, while “UAV” admittedly rolls off the tongue much harder, is a more descriptive acronym with a more rigid content. It talks about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Nothing more, nothing less. And I prefer it for that.

(Luiz Felippe Ozorio) #3

Hi George, thank you for the response!

Well yes, i understand the word drone is very vage and has bern used to describe many things from quadcopter robots to even boats in the media.

In fact, the reason why I considered it was because of this generality and also the fact it is a quite popular term. I would love to get as much people interested and maybe using a popular term would be the way to go?

I will probably name the introductory series UAV programming 101, but to be honest I would rather not use the term UAV channel’s name. Because even though this series will be largely focused on Aerial Vehicles, I would like to explore other platforms like rovers, arms and possibly even humanoids.

Going back to the channel’s name. I had thought of Drone Brains because of this generality. But as I can tell from your answer, that might cause more confusion. As an alternative I thought of is Hello World Robotics, what do you think?

My fear is that the name might not be as appealing to someone that doesn’t have a previous programming background, while Drone Brains might hurt or help me with the general public.

Do you have any other inputs now that I clarified some more? Maybe a different suggestion? The goal is to get the most people interested.

( .) #4

As much as I 100% agree with @Georacer, when it comes to marketing, principle is always trumped by societal norms…whether you like it or not.
That said, it’s a good idea to use a popular platform to transform those societal norms as well. For instance, while you title it drone, explaining the difference between a drone and a UAV, then never using the term drone again in the series.

(Luiz Felippe Ozorio) #5

Lordneeko I agree that more people would probably be searching for Drone programming than UAV programming.
Being that the UAV portion would be just a series under a larger scope channel, do you think the name Drone Brains would be good or bad for the channel as a whole? Or I should go with something more general like Hello World Robotics and leave drone for the UAV series?

(Fnoop) #6

Drone used to be a lot more of a derogatory/negative/sinister term than it is now - now I think it’s much more accepted as a generic term for any autonomous vehicle. I think it was @cglusky that suggested ‘UVs’ - Uninhabited Vehicles - which is my favourite term to date :slight_smile:

Also remember that ArduPilot runs on rovers, cars, lawnmowers, motorboats, sailbots, submarines etc, not just things that fly.

(Randy Bachtell) #7

I agree with @lordneeko use the larger and simple term “Drone Programming” and in the content educate as to what we consider more acceptable terms. The public associates the term drone with aerial vehicles as weapons and as toys but includes all robotics. I personally have a hard time using the term “brain” with computers. Good luck with your project, I believe it would be very beneficial to the craft.

Cheers, RB

(Luiz Felippe Ozorio) #8

Thank you for you input! I can embrace the term UV’s, but in some cases I would like to cover things that are not necessarily vehicles. I can probably make a mention to the term through.
Yes I am definetely aware, just yesterday I was watching the video where @rmackay9 was mapping a river using a morey boogie board boat running Ardupilot. I love the software and its flexibility.

(Luiz Felippe Ozorio) #9

Yes, educating and inspiring is the goal. Well the term brains comes from the idea I have of including an introductory to Neural Networks which are largely inspired by the human brain functionality. I’d like to show people anyone can create robots that are REALLY inteligent without fearing the exterminator haha.
Jokes aside, I am deeply in love with robotics and also AI, thats what I plan on covering on the channel.

(Andrew) #10

Hi, I like the sound of this channel, please let us know what the YouTube channel is called and post a link to your videos once you have them.

You may also want to look at Tiziano Fiorenzani channel on YouTube , he has some really interesting videos on some similar topics.

Thanks and I look forward to subscribing.