Uncontrolled Yawing Descent

After aborting an auto tune run (due to wind) and flying for a minute the copter did an uncontrolled descent whilst yawing and landed smoothly.
I’m trying to understand if I have a hardware failure that caused the descent or simply a setup issue. Everything seems to bench test ok.

Since reviewing the logs and forum I can see that the PWM graph shows that 2 of the motors are not aligned. On inspection I can see this is due to slightly bent frame from a previous misadventure. I’ll replace the frame no worries but concerned that there is also motor/esc issue on motor 1 or 2 that cause the descent.

Do I need to replace Motor and ESC on Motor 1 or 2?

Log file: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
The red circle shows PWM on motor 2 go to 100% at the start of the descent.

It looks like motor 2 lost thrust, but it could be anything from the power cables to the esc, the signal wires to the esc, the connections to the flight controller, overheating esc, desyncing esc, this is why i tell everyone to get esc telemetry as its the only way to know for sure when things like this happen.