Uncontrollable Left Yaw


First thanks for acceptance in this forum :slight_smile:
I’m new on pixhawk controllers (not multirotors)

Y migrate my Y6 from naza v2 to Pixhawk .
My old config under Naza V2 is very stable.
I follow guides and tuto for cabling, calibration, motor tests
On hardware no changes (motors, CW / CCW, ESC)…
But when i try to landing the Y6 goes on a left uncontrollable yaw… :frowning:

Below my .bin log file.

If anybody have idea… it’s an great help for me

In 90% of case, the issue come from … user :slight_smile:

Arggghhh … stupid post :laughing:

Not only esc mapping is different from Naza V2 but also CW an CCW mapping

Solved :slight_smile:

What usually trips up people switching from Naza to the APM world is the motor numbering is completely different. Check that first, then verify correct prop direction. And make sure you understand the correct direction for the lower props.