Uncommanded YAW in Guided mode

@rmackay9 @xfacta

I have running Hexa copter plus configuration on NORA+ Flight controller AC 4.2.3 with dual gps configuration .
propulsion system is Hobbywing X9+ combo.

today had maiden flight and managed to tune to fly manually and as per tuning guide instruction everything goes ok.
loiter mode flying as expected but only little oscillation when braking, hovering also no issue .

but i am facing specified one issue that when i switch to guided flight mode the YAW is keep changing randonmly at any direction without user command either GCS or RC transmitter . this issue i had already here Guided mode YAW keep Changing its orientation

but today also i had similar issue here on AC4.2.3 .here is the log file NORA + Guided yaw issue - Google Drive
i suspect that i have faced these kind of issue only when using dual gps configuration

Also google drive has another flight log which same drone has problem that while turning between the waypoints getting oscillation in Auto mode .otherwise or starlight line of the waypoint it was good fly and normal only.

kindly help on this two issue please.