Unclear/Fuzzy image on FPV Set up

Hi Guys,
I have been trying to set up a FPV system. I’ve managed to wire it all up to make sure all components are receiving their correct voltages. I seem to be only receiving a really fuzzy image on my screen through and i cannot work out why.
My equipment is:
TS5828S 600mW 5.8Ghz video transmitter
Eachine 1000TVL Camera PAL
FR632 5.8Ghz Diverstiy Receiver
Clover leaf Antenna
I may mention i have connected a 100 ohm resistor on the signal line between the camera and transmitter just to protect it in case of anything weird happening. I have provided picture of my output on screen

Can you describe how it’s wired up - where you have regulators, whether you power from a board or the balance lead, do you have an LC filter, etc?

Have you tried it without the resistor on the signal line?