Unclear CAN Bus Message

Hi all,

Currently working with a Cube Blue and Arduplane 4.2.2. GPS and compass are on CAN bus. I’m getting repeated messages stating “CAN[125] looking to decode a status”

What does this mean? All of my CAN devices are on CAN[124], are recognized and appear to function properly. What is up with a CAN[125] message??


The Here GPS/compass is the only device on CAN. I’m seeing the same thing and trying to track it down. It is super annoying on the logs. For me, I’m pretty sure it’s the mRO kitcan that’s doing it. So I’m suspecting it’s an APperpih issue.

I am using an mRo One Location GPS and an mRo KitCAN. There is at least similarity in our CAN architecture.

Yeah it’s probably the KitCAN compass, because that’s what it is for me almost certainly. I’m just starting to look into this issue. I can’t find that serial string in the code base at first search. My guess is because it’s actually in the CAN submodules. And the reason this is happening is because KitCAN isn’t broadcasting a message that it’s supposed to in its status bits or something. Need to look into it more.

Any luck?

This doesn’t appear to pose an operational issue, but there is always the aspect of “you don’t know what you don’t know”…

mRo got back to me with basically a non-helpful “look at the code” kinda thing. I know who to track down when I prioritize this. But just hasn’t been high enough on my list of things to look at. But. yeah super annoying in the logs.