Unattended 360 figure on Tricopter

Hi, while I was gently cruising on my Tri, it suddenly did a 360 degree figure. It was well made but so scaring :slight_smile: Anybody that could explain that is welcome as since that I am afraid to pilot it again…
Here is the anonymized log. Problem occured at around 106s.
Log file : Amazon Drive
UAV log viewer video : Amazon Drive

Seems that no one uses Tricopters anymore :sleepy: Of course, this is not the best platform nor the more efficient but it is what makes it interesting :slightly_smiling_face: I lowered my D term a little bit and it did not occurs during my last flight.

Well, after a big crash due to the same behavior, I decided to investigate further and found (at least I think) the cause. The rear servo…Despite what they claim, JX servos aren’t all metal. And that was the root cause of my problem: one of the two plastic gears was used prematurely and two or three teeth were damaged. This caused as you can see in the video, erratic movements of the gears and sometimes even blocked the servo. I won’t be using this brand again… I bought a really metal gear servo (and for even less than the Jx) and have done 10 flights since with no issues

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