Unable to update / change SR0 settings in Full Params AGAIN!

The problem came back… after a reboot or two some of the SR settings in the params went back to the incorrect settings… grrrrrrr!!! So it’s NOT APM P2??? Sorry Bill… Could somebody change their SR1 Extra 1 and 2 to the setting of 6 and the SR1 Extra 3 to 1. Then see if after a couple pix reboots it stays?? It keeps going back to the old settings which at the moment I forget what they are… there are a couple more that wont stick as well. I thought it was my GC app APM P2 but no… so maybe it is an issue with 3.3???

It’s very unlikely that it’s the Copter firmware that is doing this. It’s the ground stations that set these parameters.

So does this mean it’s the teesny boards FW that does this? is SRO settings telem 1 and SR1 settings telem2 SR2?? SR3?? Just trying to get my brain around how it works so I can track down what my issue is. Thanks Randy.

So I stumbled on the fact that it is only a problem after APM P2 connects to the pix. If it’s just the Taranis TX the lur script works fine. Does anybody have any idea what that means? Would switching Telem port perhaps work?

I connected to Tower and it doesn’t have the problem. I also connected my usb / 3dr radio until it had the solid green light… no problem. Lua script works fine. The second I connect to APM P2 the problem starts.