Unable to take live GPS data from Mission Planner into RPI

Hello to all
I am making Antenna Tracker for drone. I have Skydroid H16 remote control as Ground Control Station.
App, I use to fly drone is Q ground Control.
My strategy is to take GPS and Barometer data from Mission Planner OR Q Ground Control APP and send it to Raspberry Pi and then Raspberry pi will convert these GPS parameters into some angels and finally RPI will rotate the servo motors.
I am successfully getting live GPS data into Mission Planner or Q Ground Control from my drone. However, I am unable to connect my Raspberry Pi with Mission Planner or even with Q Ground Control APP.

Please guide me how to get live GPS data from Mission Planner and then use it to rotate the servo motors.


Iā€™m facing the same issue. Please do let me know if you get the answer.