Unable to set amsl height with set_position_target_global_int

I try to use the set_position_target_global_int message in guided mode.

The current height is 590970 and I send the following set_position_target_global_int message
type_mask = 0b0000111111111000;
coordinate_frame = MAV_FRAME_GLOBAL_INT;
vx = 0.0f;
vy = 0.0f;
vz = 0.0f;
afx = 0.0f;
afy = 0.0f;
afz = 0.0f;
yaw = 0.0f;
yaw_rate = 0.0f
alt= 587780

With this setting sent at 10 Hz, the drone rises endlessly.
Funny thing is, if i set the target altitude to 587800, it goes down until hitting the ground.

Does anybody have an idea what the problem might be?


Your type mask should be 0b1111111111111000. Also, altitude is in meters. Altitude as per your post is 587 km. That is in space.