Unable to send GPS data from Laptop to Pixhawk via USB Cable

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I also face the same problem. If you get the answer, kindly tell me. Thanks


Share if any progress made. I am also facing this problem.

I am waiting for someone’s help. Will let you know if found some.

@KAZA sure, meanwhile if you get any assist in this regard do let me know.

@ppoirier kindly help me if you have any kinda solution.


I think I answer to this question on another thread…
The easiest is to implement mavproxy on the GCS portable, so you read MavLink stream from the Ethernet and redirect to local net for the GCS and out to COM port related to USB FTDI converter goring to serial port of PixHawk

Something like that (Master address will change according to your setup)
mavproxy.py --master=tcp: --out=udp: --out=COM17,57600

and you have to connect the Laptop GCS to port 14560 as the 14550 is already active signal from Ethernet