Unable To Save Mission As Json File

I’m trying to save a planned mission’s waypoints as a Json .mission file. Every time I go to save I get a generic pop up box that just says “Error” with the click ok button.

I need to be able to save the mission as a json file so that it can be used with another GCS when flying a DJI drone in addition to one running a Cube orange.

The waypoints are for a polygon survey area and include spline outbound/inbound points with overshoot & lead-in set to 175m.

Is it a setting that’s causing the issue or something else?

Apparently (on MacOS MP) it works (no error indicated) if you put explicitly a .plan (or any) extension, but basically you get the same file, so I wonder if this is supported by MP.

So read the .waypoints file with QGC and save it as .plan.

can you post an example .plan file?

it use to work, so i assume the standard/not so standard has changed.

Sorry it’s an error when saving it as a .mission file not a .plan one (edited initial post to reflect this). Unfortunately I can’t post a .mission file as it’s not letting me save one. I can upload a standard waypoints file if that helps.

Test Flights-02.zip (347 Bytes)