Unable to perform auto missions when connected to realflight sim running arducopter from cygwin

So I will start a new discussion instead of piggy backing on the realflight models discussion. Here is the post regarding this topic in the realflight model discussion.

So I got Cygwin working in windows 10 and have the SITL working with mission planner and can perform auto missions with no issues. I also can start a realflight simulation from mission planner in the simulation tab and have no issue with running an auto mission with realflight handling the dynamics model.
It is only when I build the arducopter software in cygwin or even WSL and connect it to Realflight. I connect into the simulation with MP. Then I try to run an auto mission and I get a failsafe: Terrain data not available. What is strange is that when I first start the simulation, the altitude reading in mission planner is not 0. it is the altitude that I set for the Home position when I started the sim.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Just wanted to give an update on this issue I was having. So after speaking with @rmackay9, he helped me determine that the issue was really due to bad GPS position information and not a terrain data issue. So I ended up reloading cygwin because I was having some other issues with the map and console not coming up. They now work and I determined that I get Bad GPS position for Copter-3.5.5 however if I checkout master and run the SITL using realflight, I don’t have the issue with Bad GPS Position data.

I guess this issue is moot since we are now moving to 3.6 but it would be nice to be able to run this in 3.5.5. If someone knows of a quick fix, please let me know.