Unable to maintain stable altitude

My drone is unable to maintain stable altitude. It’s a 5 inch drone, with matekf405std copy (with bmi270gyro and bmp280 integrated). GPS is in the front on the top plate, reciever is in the back, no vtx is being used.
At first ardupilot didn’t recognise the gyro, so I changed source code setting and recompiled it to accept different gyro.
Now I’m unable to get stable baro readings.
When in stabilized mode it runs twitchy (needs calibration), but fine, once I switch to altitude mode it immediately starts climbing, too far up, so I switch it back to stabilized and get it back.

I’ve tried:

  1. stick foam on baro - no change
  2. raise gps by 10cm on a mount - no change.
  3. put external 3.3v bmp280 baro - no change for flight , I got two devices with the same id, so I assumed it’s because their info is getting mixed up.
  4. cut out integrated bmp280 and leave only external - no change…

One thing I noticed is that when drone is on the ground GCS shows that it’s -69m (more or less) below the ground, no wonder it’s trying to climb…

I desperately need help, because I’ve ran out of ideas.

Post a link to a .bin flight log.

Hi, got info out of the drone and sent it tp wetrasnfer.
Would be cool if you could find anything.

Is there one out of the 6 logs where the issue was witnessed? Going thru 6 logs to find a problem is a bit onerous.