Unable to load firmware

Hi hope someone may be able to help. I am trying to download the tricopter firmware from APM to my board. I am connected to the board with USB abd comm port 4 so all ok there. The download starts but then APM gives me the following message. Started downloading http://firmware.diydrones.com/Copter/stable/apm2-tri/ArduCopter.hex
Finished downloading C:/Users/Bede/AppData/Local/Temp/APM Planner.o14312
Opening firmware file…
Unable to open file: C:/Users/Bede/AppData/Local/Temp/APM Planner.o14312
I thought it may be a Windows 10 issue so tried it on my old machine running XP but still the same problem. Would appreciate any help. Tahnks

solved the problem by deleting APM planner 2 from my PC and then downloading it again. Firmware loaded no problem after that