Unable to get any aux channels working at all for servo output on ch9 and 10

current MP and up to date rover… params attached. pixhawk clone

tx= fsi6x soft mod to 10 ch
rx= fs ia10b

channels 9 and 10 are assigner to var switches on the handset and display fine in the tx … when plugged in as normal pwm … servos attached to ch9 and 10 behave as they should so I KNOW im getting output to those channels from the handset.

switched to ppm and connected to mp radio calibration does not see ch9 or 10. I cant get any life out of them at all.

read the wiki on aux channels, assigner servo function to both rc pass thru and when that didn’t work to rcin ….

nothing :confused:NO AUX CHANNELS 9 10.param (16.5 KB)

been slowly loosing my mind over the course of a few weeks here. any help at all?

Try the Sbus protocol instead of PPM.

Ok, is that just a case of saucing the tx over to sbus?

edit: the outbut mode on the TX is set to ppm on nthe output ans s.bus on the serial.

nothing :confused:

Is the outbound mode set to Sbus on the Tx? Perhaps you have to re-bind after doing so.

It was, I have changed it over to ibus though and moved the lead from ppm to the ibus port and it all works perfectly now.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

It will probably work on either ibus or sbus on that same output port. But cool you got it going!!