Unable to get all telemetry sensors through S.Port to Jumper T16 transmitter

The setup is simple so far.
I have an OmnibusF4 V3 Pro running ArduPlane 4.9.0, as the receiver I am using a FrSky XSR.

I went by these guides:

A crude drawing of the connections:

The problem:

When I tried using the S.port on the XSR’s connector, it showed nothing but the receiver specific telemetry sensors (3 of them) as expected.

I went by this guide to get the uninverted signal from the receiver.
Afterwards the GPS sensor showed up with the value of zeroes. Which is fine since I don’t have a GPS antenna yet.

However, none of the other sensors were there. What else am I supposed to do? How do I test if the connections are correct?
Is there something else I need to set up in Mission planner?
There is a very high possibility that I just forgot something or screwed something up, tell me anything you can think of!

Thank you all for any help you can provide!

Are you planning to use the yaapu telemetry script? If so, don’t worry about opentx not finding all the sensors as the script usually works without.

Wait, what? How?
Yes I am planning to use that script.
I thought it just read the telemetry displayed on the screen I showed.

How does it work?

Give it a shot, drag and drop the yaapu files onto the tx16 sd card and add it as a widget. Make sure you have the correct serial port settings i.e. SerialX_Protocol set to 10.

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Welp, I guess I will and return to tell the results!

It seems you were right! It’s working very nicely now.
Thing is, the sensors stop as soon as I stop the Yaapu script (i.e. I change the screen)
Meaning if I wanted some functionality like Vario, I would have to keep the script running.

But it’s good enough for now. I might deal with that later.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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