Unable to find VTX_ENABLE parameter on the list


I would like to configure the vtx control on arduplane 4.0.9 but I can’t find all the parameters related to VTX in the list…
Did I miss something?


VTX isn’t listed in 4.0.9 as far as I can see. I think you’ll need to try 4.1.dev if you want to use VTX control. (Maybe 4.1 beta is coming soon?)

Ha OK, thank you for the information!
Is a beta version stable enough for flying?
Or is there another way to control the vtx with ardupilot?

4.1 beta coming pretty soon, copter is already out

OK thank you!
I’ll wait for plane 4.1 beta in this case.
Someone knows if a beta version is stable enough for flying safety?
The risk is only for the new features to dysfunction or also the whole autopilot to crash?

4.1 is still dev, it’s not beta yet. There are people flying it and I haven’t seen any posts of people saying it crashed their planes, but it’s a dev version so there is always risk.

I have not switched any of my planes to 4.1 dev. I may switch one to 4.1 beta, and I’ll certainly upgrade when it’s stable.
Conversely, I was flying Copter 4.1dev (and now beta), so don’t think I’m against it or anything like that.

OK, I’ll probably test it when the beta will be out.
Many thanks for your answers!