Unable to download log file since upgrade

Before the software upgrade I was able to download the log file from my APM with CLI interface. Now when i choose "download dataflash log via mavlink I get the error cannot get log list. The only thing that has changed is the software upgrade…any ideas how to fix?


Mike - I have exactly the same problem. I have had a good look on the web but nothing that fixed the problem.
I checked: com port, swapped out the USB cable, loaded as administrator etc.
I am running W Professional 8.1 (same as before)
This has happened after resetting the a ARM 2.5 - I have reloaded again but no luck. It appears the problem came after the latest Mavlink loaded.

If anyone can help it would be great.


I have now sorted my problem thanks. I needed to tick the ‘advanced features’ box as suggested by another member under this subject. That gave me back the ‘terminal’ page on the menu and all was well downloading the logs via this page. Many thanks