Unable to disarm with ARMING_REQUIRE=0

I have an arming switch set on channel 5 which arms and disarms motors without problem. However if I set ARMING_REQUIRE=0 (so I can test indoor without getting GPS lock), arming would still spin up the motor, but disarming no longer works. Rudder disarm doesn’t work either. I literally have to unplug the battery while the motors are still spinning to stop it.

Is this intended, or did I miss something?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Rudder disarm is disabled by default on planes. Here is the param to change that: ARMING_RUDDER

Sorry I should have been more clear. ARMING_RUDDER has already been enabled and works as it should. The question is, when arming_required is set to one, arming still works fine with both arming channel and arming by rudder. But disarm doesn’t work anymore.

If ARMING_REQUIRE is zero, arming is not required for the motors to spin.
So it’s not surprising that attempting to disarm wouldn’t work.

Have you tried just disabling the pre-arm GPS check instead?

If you need ARMING_REQUIRE=0 for takeoff, then maybe a channel for motor emergency stop is what you want for after landing.

Or just do what Mark says, since it seems more applicable to indoor testing.

Thanks for confirming this is expected behavior. I will try disabling the GPS check instead.

That’s a good suggestion. Thank you!