Unable to change mode to Auto and Take off

Recently, I was testing my Align 600, and I wanted to fly a mission. After ARMED , I couldn’t switch to Auto mode. Mission Planner HUD show change mode failed . I can only take off manually and switch the Auto mode in the air,and fly a mission.Then I Analysis log,this is the error

If you meet the same problem, would you help me?. I will thank you very much

I think your mission would need to start with a takeoff command and altitude. If that’s not the issue then set log disarmed, run the test again then post the bin log here.

Thanks for your replay! !

I had tested this mission on my Quad ,it succeeded in taking off and fly a mission.But I tested the same mission .After ARMED , I couldn’t switch to Auto mode. I also found a problem. When my Helicopter take off ,my Mission Planner reminded me that “Failed to update home location(1)”.As shown in the following figure: !

How to set log disarmed?From" Full Parameter list"?

With helicopters you must wait until the runup timer expires before switching flight modes. Recommended to start from Stabilize so the Loiter controller doesn’t try to tip it over during runup. NEVER use auto takeoff on a slanted surface. Only a human pilot can handle that. When the runup timer expires, then switch to Auto.

Thanks for you suggestion! Some days ago,I solved the problem.:smiley:.The right step is ARMED in Stabilize mode,and open the throttle switch make Blade spin ,wait for Blade speed become stable ,lastly switch to Auto mode . My heilCopter auto takeoff successfully.:wink:

Yeah, it seems to me that a pilot used to be able to arm, release throttle hold, switch flight modes, and when the runup timer expired it would take off and go. It now requires waiting for the runup time to expire before switching flight modes. I’m not sure when that changed (if it did). I don’t use auto takeoff as I fly primarily piston and turbine helicopters. So it’s not something I use unless there’s a reason to test it for development purposes.


Yep. I didn’t search for whodunit, but that definitely is when it changed :grinning: