Unable to build with waf

The compiler says, that nuttx/config.h is missing. I placed the ardupilot directory to cygwin/root and am working on a fresh clone of the repo. Of course I ran submodule update.

Frankly, I haven’t been able to build for days and am getting different error messages depending on the build-system and version of plane I’m trying to build…

make/Plane3.9.1: navioLED.cpp missing
make/Plane3.9.0/3.8.5: region flash overflow
waf/any version: nuttx/config.h missing

When updating submules over cygwin, I occasionly get the error-message that ’ : is not a valid identifier’. I figured that this might have something to do with line-endigs and issued “git config --global core.autocrlf false” in cygwin. I also checked my windows installation of git, but autcrlf was set correctly.

I have redownloaded several times. Did clean compiles and re-installed toolchain. To no avail. This is beyond my comprehension.

EDIT: I tested wether it makes a difference if I clone the files with my windows version of git or the cygwin-version. It doesn’t. The error-message doesn’t change.

I found the reason for the ’ : is not a valid identifier’-error-message.

I copied export PATH=$PATH:/cygdrive/c/pixhawk_toolchain/toolchain/bin from build with waf using cygwin
Which introduced ill-formated charakteres. Tipping by hand made the ‘identifier’-errors vanish. But buidling still doesn’t work.

Could somebody upload a working cygdrive directory with a compilable arduplane-3.9.* folder? if that doesn’t work, I’m probably gonna migrate to a fresh linux machine…

Building sitl in vagrant works… So something concerning my cygwin setup or toolchain installatiion must be off.

EDIT: Of course I already checked if all cygwin packages are installed and reinstalled px4-toolchain, including deleting toolchain and px4/workspace directories.

Re-check your setup.

Win 10, waf, cygwin and px4-toolchain all work fine here.

Win7. Could this be an issue? I used to be able to build with make in eclipse; now I can’t. But I don’t know what happened.

Could you upload your cygwin folder somewhere? It’s plug’n’play. So it should work, if the error is with my cygwin install.

Migrated to Ubuntu 18.04. Now everything works like a charm.

my cygwin folder is huge, sorry I can not post that.