Unable to arm in loiter

I have a Quad with a 3DR Pixhawk, 4PXflow, Lidar Lite. Running Firmware ver 3.3.3-rc2.
When I try to ARM with" Loiter" selected it shows “PreArm: EKF compass variance” and will not ARM. If I take of in “Alt Hold” all OK. if I try to change fight mode, when flying, to “Loiter” it will not change, or display in the Hud
I also have Craft & Theory Telemetry installed on my Taranis
Is this a Firmware fault or in my setup?


Loiter mode requires a good GPS fix with a low HDOP otherwise it will not work.


As iseries said, make sure your GPS antenna has an Undistorted view. Are you running dual or single GPS? What is your average sats and hdop

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Thank you for your help, but

I fly mainly indoors, so no GPS fix. The GPS is turned of in the Param, and it then uses the Optflow and the Lindar Lite for positioning. On checking the status output on Mission Planner, both of these are working as they should.