Unable to access servo output functions

hello , I am using APM 2.6 arducopter bord for rover . i want change the servo output functions but they are all disabled and grayed out . why this is so , and how i can access it. Please help . Thank you

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The servo output functions are only available in newer version of ardurover.
They are not available in ardurover 3.2.1, which is the latest version the APM 2.6 will run.

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Thank you for reply; So 3.2.1 is the only last available firmware for APM 2.6. Is this the most stable version or ant thing earlier stable version there, please tell that.

3.2.1 is the latest version and should be the most stable version too

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benim APM 2.8 var aynı sorun ondada var ne yapa bilirim

What I wrote above is still valid. I just messed up the ardurover/arducopter versions for the APM2.x.
Arducopter 3.2.1 and Ardurover 2.51 are the latest versions. Vendors still selling the APM2.8 are ripping of their customers, there is no nicer way to say it.

I have the same problem but I am using Ardurover 2.51 and apm 2.8

Time to replace the ancient APM…

does servo control require controller updates every year?

you can change the servo functions if you use a 5 year old Mission Planner software version.
The current mission planner versions do not support that old hardware.

how can i change the servo functions?

Have you installed a mission Planner version that is as old as your APM hardware board?

if yes, you should simply change the RC*_FUNCTION parameters

Yes, I installed version 1.3.74. “if yes, you should simply change the RC*_FUNCTION parameters”-please tell me more. Where and what value should be changed?

7 years since that Flight Controller was supported.

It was something like 1.3.35 back in 2016…

Select parameter list on the left panel of mission planner. And search for the parameters. I do not have such and hardware and can not help you any further. You need to find the parameter yourself.

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This is the problem. I had a couple APM’s in the junk drawer for years and finally threw them out. It’s difficult to recall the parameter set used then as so much has fundamentally changed.

This is from 2016, it’s the first record in the archive:
copter: https://web.archive.org/web/20160323001342/http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/arducopter-parameters/
rover: Complete Parameter List — Rover documentation

Even in 2016 that board was already discontinued and un-supported!

@dkemxr the user wants to suffer. Let him suffer, it`s his choice.

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I understand you))) I throw it in the trash. What controller do you recommend for the rover?