UM982 minimum satellite required for calculate YAW

Hi @Yuri_Rage
I am using UM982 GPS for YAW configuration and there is no backup compass used for redundancy for heading since there will huge chance of magnetic interference in my drones.
Normally it acquires 28 satellites always.
My question is what is the minimum number of gps it requires to calculate the heading.
By any chance during flying gps count would be low means what will happen?

Satellite count means next to nothing. GPS is more reliant on signal quality than quantity. A better measure of overall health is HDOP, though it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. ArduPilot’s default HDOP threshold is 1.4, above which, the GPS fix will be considered “unhealthy.”

If signal quality degrades badly during flight, you’ll lose the high-fidelity yaw source provided by the moving baseline configuration, and without a compass, will be at the mercy of accelerometer/gyro measurements that do a great job of filling in brief signal gaps (via the GSF algorithm), but diverge quickly if the signal is lost for prolonged periods.

If we are about to venture into GPS denied/jammed/spoofed territory, I’m afraid that’s where my involvement ends. I have chosen to avoid those topics for personal reasons.

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