UltraStick 33CC with ArduPlane

Hi. I would like to use ArduPlane for a Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 33CC.
Hardware for Arduplane: mRo Control Zero F7
Any advice would be appreciated.

@Esd_Technik hard to tell what info you might be looking for without knowing anything about your experience level. what other planes have you set up with ardupilot flightcontrollers before?

cheers, basti.

I have setup a Bixler with ArduPlane a long time ago… So yes I have some experience. But the reason why I am using caution is because UltraStick 33CC is a Big Bird with a chainsaw engine on it… and I don’t want to hurt anybody or crash into a house or wathsoever. So… this is why I am fishing to get pit falls warnings or anything regarding my project… this is the info I am looking for. From YOU! Genius! I love you!