Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

CV7SF is a wind sensor from LCJ Capteurs.
Wireless, with no moving parts, and self-powered, it spectacularly simplifies installation making it ideal for applications where running a cable is difficult or impossible. One of its advantages is to simplify installation on elevated sites for measurements where the wind is free and unobstructed.
CV7SF combines advanced technologies: ultrasonic measurements, solar power supply, wireless digital transmissions, super-capacitor for electrical energy storage.

The CV7SF wind sensor integrates a radio transmitter, a photovoltaic cell and an energy accumulator.
A measurement of wind speed/direction and temperature is transmitted for a short time interval of 25 ms at an average rate of 1 second during the day and 15 seconds during the night to cover a 15-hour night.
The radio signal is remotely received by a receiver/decoder box and formatted, providing standardised messages directly usable by computer USB or COM ports or by specialised navigation displays.

All LCJ Capteurs are designed and manufactured in the Nantes region in France where they are fully tested throughout the manufacturing process.

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Nice product but for usage on unmanned vehicles, water-, ground or airborne the whole included battery and solar stuff is basically dead weight - especially critical for airborne systems. The wireless link might interfere with the remote control system.

If you’re serious about the unmanned systems market, I would suggest making a small and lightweight product which doesn’t have any of those but just a data output, e.g. I²C (serial ports are somewhat limited on current controllers). If you write a nice documentation for the protocol, I think, you might have chances to get your product included into the software by the developers.

We have the SONIC-ANEMO-SDI protocol SDI 12 and of course, the SONIC-ANEMO-DZP