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UDP outwards connection

Hello folks
I’m bit confused. And there’s really almost no documentation on APM planner 2.
For example - if I want to connect to Navio from APM planner, using udp. I can connect from Navio to APM planner as usual, using port 14550, but how to do it vice versa?
There’s Add IP button on connection setup, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.
Guys, please make decent documentation, because right now it’s terrible.



Navio UDP send telemetry signal to your computer IP on port 14550. No more…

If your computer is On and you choose to receive the info by connecting with APM Planner or Mission planner, it work.

Maybe some use with TCP connection, when you connect from the computer to the Navio with TCP protocol.


There’s an option “Add link” -> UDP and UDP client.
Within those those I can change port and also add IP address (which seems not to work, because there’s no ip addresses appearing anywhere). Is it just a broken feature or am I doing something wrong?
I need to initiate udp connetion from computer side, because we are developing univeral MAVlink server, which can relay different connections between ardupilot machines and ground stations.
Right now it works this way with qgroundcontrol, but I was wondering if it is also possible with APM planner 2.

Also, what’s with joystick support on Linux? Is it broken? Every time I try to enable joystick, APM planner crashes…

Hi all,

Hmm, I’m just curious that are these connection issues solved? :slight_smile:


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